Nicole Franchy

Analogue Memory
Installation 35mm. slides projection
Analogue Memory is an installation based on 35mm. slides projection. The images of anonymous files of the 70’s, prelude of the internal violence of the following decades, become spectrum of the collective memory that are intervened and anachronistically understood from early and personal remembrances of violent events in recent history. These remembrances struggle between the relative distance of the violent facts transmitted by the media in Lima, and the growing nearness of its effects, when the regular blackouts caused by blowing up the electricity towers change into brutal attacks with bomb-cars perpetrated by the Shining Path terrorist group in the city of Lima.
Images such as the one that welcomes us to the installation, of a university classroom, bring to mind the commencement of the ideological gestation of Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) in Huamanga (Ayacucho) under the leadership of Abimael Guzman, a teacher of philosophy in that university. Others, such as the picture of a family home in those years are linked to personal experiences in residential areas with a growing isolation and enclosure. At the same time, the image that appears to be an innocent soccer game at an institutional premises, is intervened with the image of a helicopter flying over the scene taking us back to the mutiny and killing at the Castro Castro jail in Lima on April 1992.
The analogue use of the slides projector erodes the images emulsion across the exhibition, and the images vanish as if time brings forgetfulness.