Nicole Franchy

Project Ruricancho I

2 channel video installation
4:24” & 0:20”

Ruricancho starts off from a recollection of military aerial Photographic documents of the northeast periphery of Lima, called San Juan de Lurigancho, The most populated district in Perú and one of the largest slums in Latin America. Mixing a variety of documents with animation and video, the piece traces a migratory journey over a four-decade period. This phase runs from the 1940´s to the late 80´s, when populations from the andean and amazonian regions migrated to Lima. However, it was during the 80´s that there was a major influx of migration, due to an increase of political violence. The second video is a zoom in and out of a fixed view from archival material of Castro Castro jail (panopticom); where a helicopter noise sounds, taking us back to the 92 Castro Castro riot and subsequent slaughter.