Nicole Franchy

You and eye
Two-channel HD video performance
Filmed in Paris, New York, Berlin and Brussels
9 minutes

Through photography, video and performance Nicole Franchy searches for ways to “read the city”, Franchy focuses on the idea of “public space” more specifically, she takes the space as a platform in search for new methods to investigate limits and interstices in the notions of identity and co-existence. She uses time based actions in different big cities, choosing specific city areas, pending on diverse social and cultural characteristics and contrasts. It´s in the conjunction between the Artist and each city backdrop, where things start to happen. Standing motionless on highly transited streets and avenues, Posing as herself, but wearing a ludic diversion that triggers reactions. Blurring the Boundaries between the observer and the observed and inviting the passers- by into visual encounters, which disrupts the numbness of the everyday systematized life and challenges perceptions of one another. Heightened Senses, Situational awareness, brief glances or elusive eye contact with the spectator gives an idea of the city´s pulse, subtleties of social relationships, interactions and codes.
Nicole Franchy